Process, Supply Chain, and Inventory Improvement

  •  Leverage our experience in auto-ID technologies to improve existing workflow
  •  Connect Client with industry leading solution providers 
  •  Illustrate value of new technology and describe cost/benefit model in many industries


  •  Lead and contribute to brainstorming with key employees to generate new ideas
  •  Use examples from history to illustrate out-of-the-box thinking
  •  Document power-ranked ideas for presentation to upper management

Intellectual Property Identification and Development

  •  Provide suggestions as to potentially patentable or trade secrets, existing or innovated
  •  Can connect Clients with top patent and trademark legal council
  •  Can perform existing literature and patent search for existing art to advise legal council

New Technology and Reinvention of Mature Technology

  • Provide Clients with insight into expanding and differentiating their current product lines for new or existing markets
  •  Create a list of potential development and design directions to increase product value
  •  Can provide competitive analysis reports for nearly any product sector 

business strategy, RESEARCH & ideation SERVICES

technical Business Consulting & Invention