technical Business Consulting & Invention


Designed and Implemented Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) System for Major Medical Facility

  • Provided far better patient care
  •  Allowed for inventory control of key medical supplies
  •  Provided insight and notifications to assist staff and increase efficiency

Considered a Thought Leader in New Industry of Printed Electronics

  • Pioneering work in the use of print processes (lithography, flexography, gravure, ink jet) to create functional electronics
  •  Printed electronics will enable ultra low cost, large area functionality for applications envisioned and still to be imagined
  •  Can assist clients in understanding the hybridization of global electronics ($2T market) and printing/publishing ($1T) markets

Assisted Start-up in developing their processes

  • Contributed to strong business growth 
  • Start-up was acquired by large, multinational
  •  Founder's are onto Start-up number 2, and have sought continued advice

Used ideation to eliminate a huge RFID cost for a Fortune 50 company

  • Innovated a completely different approach to customer mandated technology leveraging IoT
  •  Client estimates it will save/earn them more than $500M per year
  •  In-store testing has already validated concept success

A sample of our innovation and business value